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Working Group 4
AEN-WG4 : QA Activities for AEN in 2004
AEN Conference 2004

[purpose or use : quality ] [fiscal year: 2004] [country : AEN Secretariat]
(Dr.Kenji HIRATA,School of Management & Information Science Sanno University)

Research activities for Quality Assurance item or criteria for e-Learning contents and services
[purpose or use :quality] [fiscal year : 2004] [country : AEN Secretariat]

Development and Pilot Experiment of Contents to Check the Quality of e-Learning Contents and Services
[purpose or use :quality] [fiscal year : 2004] [country : AEN Secretariat]

WG4: Quality Assurance for e-Learning
AEN Conference 2003

[purpose or use : quality] [fiscal year : 2003] [country : AEN Secretariat]
(Dr. Kenji HIRATA, SANNO Institute of Management, Japan)

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