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Country Reports:Japan
[country : Japan] [fiscal year : 2005] [purpose or use : trend survey]
(Mr.Kiyoshi Nkabayashi,NTT Resonant Inc.)

e-Learning Trends in Japan

[country : Japan] [fiscal year : 2004] [purpose or use : trend survey]
(Mr.Yoshimi FUKUHARA ,General Manager,NTT Resonant Inc.)

"Japanese e-Learning Market"

[country : Japan] [fiscal year : 2003] [purpose or use : trend survey]
(Mr. Kiyoshi HARA, ALIC; Nihon Unisys)

[Philippines - Japan]
"International Experiment Project of Asynchronous
Collaborative-learning Method"

[country : Philippines,Japan] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]
Aoyama Gakuin University / De La Salle University

[Thailand - Japan]
"Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Education of Graduate
Programs between AIT and Tokyo Tech."

[country : Thailand,Japan] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) / National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) / Asian Institute of Tecnology (AIT)
Supported by Hitachi Electronics Services Co., Ltd.

[Malaysia - Japan]
"MJeN (Malaysia - Japan e-Learning Network Project)"

[country : Malaysia,Japan] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]
Kyoto University / Waseda University / Multimedia University
Supported by NTT-X, Inc.

[Singapore - Japan]
"Issues around E-government and E-commerce in Singapore and Japan"

[country : Singapore,Japan] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]
The University of Tokyo / National Institute of Multimedia Education(NIME) / Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Supported by IBM Japan, Ltd.

[Vietnam - Japan]
"Network Campus Initiative for Asia e-Learning"

[country : Vietnam,Japan] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]
Keio University / Hanoi University of Technology / Vietnam National University Supported by Hitachi, Ltd.

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