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Country Reports:Vietnam
[country : Vietnam] [fiscal year : 2005] [purpose or use : trend survey]
(Mr.Lam Quang Nam,Vietnam IT Examination and Training Support Center)

e-Learning in VietNam

[country : Vietnam] [fiscal year : 2004] [purpose or use : trend survey]
(Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Binh,Hanoi Univ. of Technology)

"Survey on R&D of E-learning in Vietnam and some Suggestions"

[country : Vietnam] [fiscal year : 2003] [purpose or use : trend survey]
(Mr. NGUYEN Ngoc Binh , Hanoi University of Technology and Dr. QUACH Tuan Ngoc, Centre for IT. MOET)

Vietnam Section
[country : Vietnam] [fiscal year : 2003] [purpose or use : trend survey]

[Vietnam - Japan]
"Network Campus Initiative for Asia e-Learning"

[country : Vietnam,Japan] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]
Keio University / Hanoi University of Technology / Vietnam National University Supported by Hitachi, Ltd.

Vietnam Country Report
[country : Vietnam] [fiscal year : 2002] [purpose or use : trend survey]

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